Lashontrei " Tia" Henton Book Event - June 24

Lashontrei “Tia” Henton is an author that focuses on creating quality stories that every child can enjoy
and relate to. She believes that encapsulating children’s stories in a vibrant and imaginative way is the
key to them being engaged with reading. Lashontrei “Tia” Henton has been a childcare teacher for over
15 years. She is a teacher at House of F.A.M.E. childcare center here in Louisville, MS. Lashontrei “Tia” Henton works with 2–4-year-old, her favorite time is story time with the kids, because she can become any character, and be as dramatic as needed. She feels that children's passion for reading can be encouraged through story time, and this love of reading can last a lifetime. When children are read to from a young age, they frequently grow to enjoy books and have a need for knowledge.

Lashontrei “Tia” Henton is pursuing her Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing and Communication at the University of West Alabama. She received her Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in the
concentration areas of Business, Communication, and Technology at Mississippi State University.

“My Variety Child” is her first children’s book, which gives an insight inside of her relationship with her autistic son Nicholas “Caleb, so get ready to dive into the world of Caleb. “My Variety Child” is a mini-series of stories. Within the mini-series are “My Variety Child” which introduces Caleb, “Therefore, I Love You”, which is a heartwarming story about a mother and son unbreakable bond, and “Mommy, Mommy, It’s Your Bedtime”, which is a funny story about how Caleb tries to take care of his Mommy at bedtime. “My Variety Child” won second place in The Bookfest Awards in the category of book cover/illustration and children’s/family and will also be in the video montage in Times Square with everal winners from The Bookfest.

Lashontrei “Tia” Henton will continue The Caleb Book Series with editions to the series like
Troublemakers, this series will introduce Caleb favorite cousin Nasir, and their adventures together.
Troublemakers will be released soon.