10th Annual Panhandle Community Day - Oct. 16

 For almost two years we have lived in a time marked by the loss of normal. We have been confined to our homes, we have kept our distance from people, we have worn masks, we have used hand sanitizer, and we have lived in fear. The virus scare changed our lives. We lost much, but we gained much and we realized that life on this earth is but a moment. But let’s come together for the 10th Annual Panhandle Community Day and strive for normal. Since COVID is still a very real concern for all of us, be sure to wear your mask, and, as much as possible, practice social distancing.

Ducks Unlimited Gun Bash - Oct. 21


LFD Promotes Fire Prevention Week

 The City of Louisville Fire Department was proud to provide fire prevention material to all the schools in Winston County, and the Winston County Library. Over the last two days we delivered 300 bags that include activity books, goodies, and informational brochures for EVERY first grader in Winston County, and their families. Next week is Fire Prevention week, and we encourage everyone to LEARN THE SOUNDS OF FIRE SAFETY!!! For more information on fire prevention week take a look at https://www.nfpa.org/

National Library Card Sign Up Month - New Cards Issued

 Myeshia Shields and her children, Khali Riggins and Jayceon Shields, received their first library cards last week at the Winston County Library. Khali and Jayceon, students at Fair Elementary, received Noah’s Ark Stuffed Animal Kits. All three had their names entered into a drawing for a jar of candy. September was National Library Card Sign Up Month.